Social Economy Entities Management

Faculty of Economics and Business – University of Zaragoza

Social Economy Entities Management” is an optional course that is taught in the first semester of the fourth year of the degree of Administration and Business Management and has assigned 5 credits.

The course focuses on the organizations of Social Economy, i.e. cooperatives, associations, foundations, work integration social enterprises, special employment centres, labour societies and other social enterprises. The teaching methodology of the course is based on learning-by-doing. The students prepare a project that has to get underway or analyzes an organization’s Social Economy.

ALUMNI (2015/2016)

In this subject we have been shown what we are really able to do if we want to. I never have imagined that I was able to be part of the creation of a project like the one we have developed and, let alone, that we would really could to help people.

ALUMNI 2015/2016

I am so happy to have chosen this course that is totally different from the rest. It gives you the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them, to test your limits, to work as a team, to be creative and original, to discover the world outside of books. The impact of this subject on the students and especially on me, it is very positive and necessary.

Projects of Previous Courses

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